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Happy customer support EASY and HANDY

Now manage your digital communication flawlessly with iDesk360. The tool manages all of your digital communication path including social media, email, SMS. Run a mess-free business and polish your customer-agent relationship elegantly.

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iDesk360 advantages that impact your business

Here are some benefits for iDesk360 users

One deck for managing all communication

Our customer helpdesk allows you to organize all types of customer messages under a single roof with ease.

Analyzing customer sentiment

Dissect every customer's messages – whether they are positive, neutral, or negative and utilize the result later.

Streamlining customer assistance

Create a strong and positive bond with the clients with simple agent-customer interaction and customer-assistance.

Easy supervision and follow-up

Monitor and manage your agents’ work efficiency and repair shortcomings and improve further agent-customer relations.

Economization and higher productivity

The automated message service boosts the communication process and allows your agents time to do more ambitious tasks.

Highly flexible and easy facilities

Alter the number of your agents instantly with iDesk360. It allows you to update the variables effortlessly.

Every lead is important! Lead it with iDesk360

We care each socializing of your all the digital presence in the internet arena. Now you can take care instantly from a single view point. Make better strategies and promote your business more enigmatically.

Deep insights in communications transcripts

iDesk supplies you with significant data insights so you can do instant data-analysis. Smartly analyze data and launch your business to a new level with more leverage.

Increase your agents’ productivity by 80%

Now you agents can work more engagingly towards building a positive customer-agents relationship with iDesk360’s automated message service

Swift and easy manageable chat integrated

Now customers can contact easy manner using different channels,email to social media also our fastest Live chat makes life more cool.

Build a super customer-friendly Organization

iDesk360 helps you get tons of loyal customers by creating an excellent environment for congenial customer-agent interaction.

Customer Happy, Business Happier

Best customer helpdesk experience with iDesk360. Seamless multichannel interaction raise happy customer.

Happy Clients

We Are Here For You!

Build a strong customer-agent relation by interacting with the customers on the channels that they use such as social media, and email. Streamline your customers’ experience with our helpdesk.