Privacy Policy

We are iDesk360, and we try our utmost to secure our customer data, and we make sure that the personal data is not misused or misapplied.

  • We never sell anyone’s personal details/data.
  • We conduct all server activities in full accordance with European data security laws.
  • You are always in charge of your personal information.
  • Our Privacy Policy says:
  • What data we collect and why we collect it
  • How we use and exchange this information and how we secure it
  • Our Privacy Policy covers:
  • Our customers (including their internal clients (‘Customer(s)’))
  • End-Users (“End-Users”) of our Customers who communicate on their Supported Platforms with our Customers on their Social Profiles 

Our Privacy Policy will also be interpreted in accordance with our Customers’ unique privacy policies, which would provide more information about the Customer’s handling of your Personal Data, and the Approved Platform(s) privacy policy.

Please email us at info@ if you have concerns or suggestions about our privacy policies.

We are iDesk360

iDesk360 provides a software application (the “Service”) that lets organizations and entities monitor their social networks (individually and collectively “customers”).
By its very definition, the App allows our Customers to bring their social media together in one location. The Company lets our clients handle incoming messages sent to their social profiles, make feedback on content posted on their social profiles, plan and publish information on their social profiles, and review the outcomes. It also lets them track publicly existing discussions on Supported Sites, as long as they include those keywords of their preference.
iDesk360 complies with the universal data protection law, which integrates all applicable data protection regulations. 
What data do we gather/or process?
We obtain and/or process various types of information include but are not restricted to Personal Details (“Customer Data”):

  • For our own reasons, such as delivering and maintaining the program, we receive and manage information / data from our Consumers and/or Customer-Users (“Customer Personal Data”).
  • We also process other details on behalf of our customers (such as content created, demanded or published by our customers through the Supported Platforms) in compliance with the instructions given to us by our customers through the Service (including, for example, information and end-user messages our customers track or collect through the Service from Supported Platforms). Our Customers monitor the way they receive and utilize their Consumer Data.
  • Accordingly, we only use Customer Content to provide our Customer with the Services according to the instructions that they give us through the Services.
  • We can never collect / process confidential data, because this is not legally permissible by using the Service
  • Customer Personal details
  • Type of Data concerned
  • We gather certain details regarding you as a Customer / Customer User when you first register for an iDesk360 Account and when you use the Service, such as:

  • your full name,
  • your email address
  • your company name
  • your company’s address
  • your company’s phone number
  • Social Profile URL
  • The information you have shared on the social accounts you have related to the Service
  • Information that we can obtain addressing emails that you give us, such as questions or remarks regarding our Service
  • iDesk360 often automatically gathers and receives other details from your computer or mobile device, including the tasks you carry out on the Web, the Program, the Associated Systems, the type of hardware and software that you are utilizing (for example, the operating system or browser), and knowledge collected from cookies (see “Cookies and Relevant Technology” below).
  • For example, we automatically collect your IP address, user and device type, access times, the web page from which you come, the regions from which you navigate the web page, and the web page(s) you access (as applicable) any time you visit the Site or otherwise use the Service.
  • How we use it
  • iDesk360 uses identification details of its clients for the following general purposes:
  • To recognize you as you sign in to your Service account
  • To allow us to work and provide the Service to you
  • To check the transactions and for proof of order, payment, encryption and authentication (including contact access tokens with the Approved Platforms)
  • To evaluate the Site or the Website and details regarding our customers and subscribers, like customer profiles analysis and consumer actions to enhance our content and the Website
  • Contact you regarding your account and provide customer service, including answering queries and feedback
  • To keep you aware of the Software, functions, polls, emails, competitions, contests and activities that we think might be useful or that you have asked of us to sell or promote the Software
  • To better understand the needs, identify problems, evaluate patterns, enhance Services quality and accessibility, and better understand and target our consumers and users
  • To ensure efficient and reliable Service

B. Customer Content

  • When our Customers attach a Social Profile to the Web, they may opt to immediately capture, store, upload, and view that Social Profile via the Site (subject to the Approved Platforms terms of use and privacy policy).
  • Our Customers Users may therefore receive, use and evaluate the data they want from Approved Platforms, and also build, upload, send, access, monitor or exchange data or information through the Service.
  • Type of data concerned:
  • Customer generated content (such as messages (including direct or private messages), posts, comments, profiles picture, images, feeds or communications exchanged on the Supported Platforms)
  • End Users Messages and/or name
  • End Users Social Profile URLs of the on Supported Platforms
  • Supported Platforms user IDs
  • How we use it
  • iDesk360 uses Customer Content for the following purposes:
  • To identify the author of an End User Message
  • To review all End User Communications from the same person and include a summary of all past interactions between End User and Client
  • Third-Party Apps and Social Networks
  • The Software enables an ecosystem to link to Approved Networks. When you want to transfer the information to a Supported Network, from the moment it exits the Site, iDesk360 can no longer be liable for the data. Instead the material should be in charge of the terms and privacy policy of the applicable Licensed Platforms. For ex, if you use the Software to post a message on Facebook, the Privacy Policies and Terms of Service for Facebook would refer to the message on the server.
  • Although we try to encourage access only to those Supported Platforms which share our respect for your privacy, we cannot take responsibility for any Supported Platform’s content or privacy policies. We encourage you to look carefully at the privacy policies of any Supported Platform that you access through the Services. The privacy policies of our current licensed platforms are as follows for reference:

C. Revoking entry to the supported sites

D. Cookies and related technologies

Like other websites, we collect some details by utilizing “cookies,” which are tiny text files that your computer saves when you visit our Site. We can use both session cookies and persistent cookies to recognize you have signed in to the Web and tell us how and when you are interacting with our Web. We may also use cookies to monitor aggregate usage and the routing of web traffic on our website and to adjust and improve our service.
You accept the usage of cookies in your browser and HTML-based emails while you access the Web or utilize the App.

E. Session Cookies

The Service uses “session cookies” which enhance your user experience by storing certain information on your computer from your current visit, such as login details. This helps us to recognize your login session so that you can conveniently switch inside the Web or the Service. Without these session cookies we will not be able to provide you with the Service. Such session cookies have restricted functionalities so expirations, and after a certain amount of time has expired, you would be forced to re-enter your iDesk360 login address to defend you from those that inadvertently access your account contents and relevant personal details. Other examples of our use of session cookies include to track the number of visits by a particular visitor to a page or a feature of the Service.
F. Performance and Remarketing Cookies

Partners who help us deliver ads on and off the Website can even place cookies on your device. We use many third-party vendors to help you provide advertisements for related iDesk360 goods and services while you visit those sites on our website. We also exchange a cryptographic hash of a specific user identifier (such as an email address) with third-party advertisement partners to help us monitor and customize advertisements and services that you receive.
Most browsers let you select whether or not to allow cookies. If you do not want cookies to be installed on your device, please configure your user settings before visiting the Site to reject all cookies. Please note that certain Site and Service features may become unavailable by doing so.

How do we secure your information?

We respect the confidentiality of your personal details.
iDesk360 has introduced numerous steps to ensure appropriate security of the knowledge from unauthorized entry, usage, release and destruction. Please keep in mind the danger can never be removed but can be greatly reduced and mitigated. You should bear in mind that data submission over the internet is never fully safe.
All the steps iDesk360 has taken increased the chance considerably. iDesk360 shall not be held liable for unauthorized access, use and/or disclosure of information by any third party, including you, provided that this is not due to Gross Negligence, willful misconduct, fraud or iDesk360 bad faith.
Security measures adopted by iDesk360 include:
Entry to the knowledge collected on iDesk360 Servers is restricted to a limited number of iDesk360 staff;
We follow industry best practices to protect all information gathered and/or distributed to the Enabled Platforms. The Platform and Website are both protected by SSL protocol, which encrypts both transmitted data;
The servers of iDesk360 are secured by a) firewalls that create a barrier between our trustworthy, stable internal network and the Internet, and b) IP restrictions that limit access to whitelisted IPs;
Each client may only access details regarding his or her social profile who he or she is monitoring and about the actual end users who communicate with this social profile. — Consumer can often access public content shared by End Users for Twitter which Instagram and include similar keywords;
In order to operate the Services, iDesk360 requires third party providers and hosting companies (such as Amazon AWS) to provide the required infrastructure, applications, networking, storage and related technologies. These vendors will deliver the best-in-class protection, here you can see the safety features of Amazon:;
iDesk360 uses third party vendors who comply with PCI DSS when payments are processed via credit card;
iDesk360 regularly updates its data collection and handling procedures, and will evaluate and update this Privacy Policy accordingly.
iDesk360 uses third party vendors to prevent attacks and the destruction or theft of its data on the Site or the Service. Such vendors also monitor potential attacks to enable iDesk360 to notify its customers if their Customer Content and/or iDesk360 Data is compromised;
iDesk360 takes appropriate protection steps to deter degradation, abuse, unauthorized entry, release, deletion and destruction of your personal details. However, please be aware that no security measures are 100 per cent bulletproof despite our efforts.


Since the design of our service doesn’t really relate to children under 13 years of age, iDesk360 deliberately does not obtain or accept PII from children under 13 years of age. If we know later that any customer of our Service is under the age of 13, we will take reasonable action to delete details regarding that customer from our account database and limit that user from potential access to the Service
Your rights: Access, change, deletion, disclosure
You have the freedom to object to your personal data being stored and obtained, and to revoke your permission at any point, except as expressly defined by applicable law.
Whenever you withdraw your consent, you acknowledge and agree that this will end your use of the Service immediately.
Please notice that iDesk360 continues to maintain such personal details for a period of time following the cancelation of your account, whether this is appropriate for our valid business purposes or needed or approved by applicable law.
iDesk360 does not rent or sell your Customer Personal Details or Consumer Information, however we may reveal these details to a small number of trustworthy third parties in the circumstances described below, with which you hereby specifically agree by using our Service. We must reveal your confidential details if, by regulation or by a court order, we are obliged to do so, as well as to satisfy certain legal or administrative criteria or responsibilities. We must make any fair attempt to insure that certain conditions or responsibilities meet with relevant laws;
We reserve the right to reveal your details to any third party if we have sufficient reasons to feel the disclosure is appropriate for investigative purposes and/or for implementation of any violations of the Terms of Service (if applicable).We reserve the right to reveal the details with iDesk360 to parent corporations, branches, joint ventures or anything under shared control;
If we are absorbed or combined with another organization (in which case we may ask that organization to fulfill our responsibilities under this Privacy Policy or warn you that you are protected by a new Privacy Policy) we reserve the right to reveal your information.
Notices and revision to the Privacy Policy
If you have any questions about your safety, please submit a thorough summary of your complaints to iDesk360 at [email protected]. iDesk360 would make every attempt to address these problems in a fair period.
We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time.
Through utilizing the Service, or sending personal information to the Service, or gathering personal information from the Web from the Approved Channels, you agree to the processing, transmission, storing and usage of your personal information in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this usage of your personal details, you are to withdraw from utilizing the App.
 Governing law 
This Privacy Policy forms an integral part of our Terms of Services.
The governing law and dispute resolution mechanism found in Our Terms of Service shall also apply to Our Privacy Policy
“EU Data Protection Law” means (i) prior to 25th May 2018, European Union Directive 95/46/EC; and (ii) on and after 25th May 2018, European Union Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”).
“End-User(s)” means a user of a “Supported Platform” who interacts with a Customer through a Social Profile
“End-User(s) Message” means a private or public message sent by an End User to any of our Customers via a Social Profile. It also means any publicly available content posted by an End User on a Supported Platform that can be searched and retrieved by a Customer via a search on the concerned Supported Platform or using the Service through available Supported Platforms’ APIs.